Virtual Open Water Swim Challenge


When:  October 1st  2013 - March 31st  2014             

Entry Chairman: Karen Reeder                                                         


Enter online at:



Eligibility:  Open to anyone who swims!   Sign up before October 1st!

Categories:  Participants pick ONE of 5 goal distances to complete within the 6 month time-frame.  After sign up, the swimmer will receive a swim log form to keep track of their yardage.  Distance categories are listed below.  Swimming anywhere, open water or pools counts for yardage.  Distances swum in meters can be converted to yards at

1) 50 miles Lake Mead, Nevada - 88,000 yards: averaging 3,382 yards per week

2) 100 miles Belfast to Portland, Maine -176,000 yards: averaging 6765 yards per week

3) 150 miles, Lake Erie, Ohio- 264,000 yards: averaging 10,150 yards per week

4) 200 miles, North Carolina Coast- 352,000 yards: averaging 13,530 yards per week

5) 250 Miles, Oregon Coast - 440,000 yards: averaging 16,712 yards per week

Awards:  The person that completes the distance and submits their swim log FIRST will receive a $40 gift certificate from Kiefer Swim Shop and Kiefer gift certificates will be awarded for 2nd - 5th place in each category.  More prizes may be added depending upon participation levels for each category.  A prize winners’ mileage CANNOT BE higher than the average for the next higher distance category.  If you are unsure about which category to choose, contact the entry chairman. 


Entry Fees:     Basic Entry: $25.00

                        Premier Entry:  $75.00 - Premier swimmers will receive 26 workouts, 1 for each week to assist them their training.  Workout sample is shown below

                        T-Shirts:  $20.00 which includes shipping within the U.S.  White T-Shirts will have on the back “50 mile Swim Lake Mead, Nevada”, for example, based upon the swimmers’ sign-up category.   Shirt will be mailed out the third week of October.   


Please use your main e-mail address when signing up since we contact participants monthly to help them gauge their progress.  


Workout Sample:  There will be three categories for each workout.  Category A will be approximately 1300-1700 yards, category B about 2200-2700 yards and category C 3500-4000 yards.


A)        200 swim warm-up choice

            300 swim @:20 rest, 2 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest

            200 swim @:20 rest, 4 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest        

            100 swim @:20 rest, 6 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest

            100 warm-down

            1500 yards


B)        Warm-up 200 swim, 100 kick, 200 pull        

            400 swim @:15 rest, 2 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest

            300 swim @:15 rest, 4 x 50 – 1 easy/1fast @:15 rest

            200 swim @:15 rest, 4 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest        

            100 swim @:15 rest, 2 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest

            200 warm-down

            2300 yards


C)        Warm-up 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull

            500 swim @:15 rest, 2 x 50 – 1 easy/fast @:15 rest

            400 swim @:15 rest, 4 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest

            300 swim @:15 rest, 6 x 50 – 1 easy/1fast @:15 rest

            200 swim @:15 rest, 8 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest        

            100 swim @:15 rest, 10 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest

            Warm-down 200 swim choice

            3800 yards


More about the Swims: 


Lake Mead, Nevada– Swimmers will start in Scanlon Bay on the western shore of eastern Lake Mead.   They will head south through the narrow portion of the lake and then west past Burro Bay.  The course then heads north and west past Temple Bay and Delma Bay.  Reaching the wider part of the lake, swimmers head west towards Flamingo Cove, than southwest past, Gordys Cove, James Bay and Sidewinder Cove.  Swimmers take a northerly turn towards Rotary Cove and then head south west again reaching a wider part of the lake.  Swimmers then head for Las Vegas Bay and follow it up in a northwest direction.  Swimmers finish their 50 miles at Shoreline Trail.   


MaineThis swim will start at Moose Point State Park on the Penobscot River in Belfast, Maine.  Swimmers will head south down the river keeping the islands on their left shoulder (to the east).  They will follow Highway 1 along the shore passing Camden and Rockport.  Swimmers will continue south keeping east of the islands past Owl’s head, then swimming west of Metinic Island, east of Monhegan Island.  After rounding Monhegan Island, swimmers head west towards Casco Bay, then swim through Husseay Sound, south between Peak Island and Little Diamond Island, and finally head west for the finish at Eastern Promenade in Portland, Maine. 


Lake Erie:  This swim begins at Maumee Bay State park near Toledo, Ohio.  Swimmers will head north into Canada and east towards the northern tip of Pelee Island.  After swimming around the northern tip of Pelee Island in Canada, swimmers will head back the US and swim along the Ohio shore.  They will swim towards Painesville passing Cleveland.  Swimmers will continue east along the shore towards Conneaut.  Swimmers finish their 150 mile swim at Lakeview Park, Conneaut, Ohio. 


North Carolina Coast:  This swim begins at Masonboro Island, just south of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.  Swimmers will head north and east along the coast towards Beaufort, keeping Cape Lookout and the barrier islands to their left.  The swim continues north and east to Hatteras Island and past Cape Hatteras National seashore. The 200 mile swim finishes at the Oregon Inlet Bridge between Bodie Island, on the north, and Pea Island to the south. 


The Oregon Coast: This swim begins at Fort Stevens State Park at the South Jetty Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon.  Swimmers will head south along the coast past Seaside and Tillamook following Hwy 101.  The swimmers will go past wonderful parks such as Devil’s Punch Bowl State Park, Siuslaw National Forest, and Sunset State Park.  Swimmers will finish the 250 miles just south of  Cape Blanco State Park at Humbug Mountain State Park, Oregon.