2018 Virtual Open Water Swim Challenge


When:  October 1st  2018 - March 31st  2019   

Entry Chairman: Karen Reeder                                   

Email: dksjreeder@gmail.com



Website:  http://usopenwaterswimming.org/


Eligibility:  Open to anyone who swims!   Sign up before October 1st 

Categories:  Participants pick ONE of 5 goal distances to complete within the 6 month time-frame.  Your swim log to help keep track of your distance will be automatically downloaded at http://usopenwaterswimming.org/Swimlog18.xls.  Distance categories are listed below.  Swimming ANYWHERE, open water or pools counts for yardage.  Distances swum in meters can be converted to yards at http://www.calculateme.com/Length/index.htm

1) 50 miles, Lake Geneva, Switzerland - 88,000 yards: averaging 3,382 yards per week

2) 100 miles, Lake Vanern, Sweden -176,000 yards: averaging 6765 yards per week

3) 150 miles, Coast of Great Britain - 264,000 yards: averaging 10,150 yards per week

4) 200 miles, Coast of Portugal - 352,000 yards: averaging 13,530 yards per week

5) 250 Miles, Danube River, Germany and Austria - 440,000 yards: averaging 16,712 yards per week

Awards:  Everyone who completes the distance within the 6 month timeframe will receive a swimming cap.  All finishers will also be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Swim Outlet.  Names will be randomly drawn from the finishers for the gift certificates after the end of the challenge in April.  20 gift certificates ($25 in value each) will be given as prizes, 4 per category.  More prizes may be added depending upon participation levels in the program.  This means that swimmers can finish the category at any time, but swimmers are encouraged to choose a distance which is challenging and appropriate for a 6 month goal. If you are unsure about which category to choose, contact the entry chairman


Entry Fees:       Basic Entry: $30.00

                        Premier Entry:  $100.00 - Premier swimmers will receive 26 workouts, 1 each week of the challenge to assist them their training.  Workout sample is shown below

                        T-Shirts:  $25.00 which includes shipping within the U.S.  This year we will have green T-Shirts with a design and writing on the back “50 Mile Swim, Lake Geneva, Switzerland”, for example, based upon the swimmers’ sign-up category.   Shirts will be mailed out the third week of October.  


Please use your main e-mail address when signing up since we contact participants monthly to help them gauge their progress.  


Premier swimmers will receive one workout a week during the challenge. Workout Sample is below:  There will be three categories for each workout.  Category A will be approximately 1300-1700 yards, category B about 2200-2700 yards and category C 3500-4000 yards.


A)     200 swim warm-up choice

        300 swim @:20 rest, 2 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest

        200 swim @:20 rest, 4 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest       

        100 swim @:20 rest, 6 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest

        100 warm-down

        1500 yards


B)     Warm-up 200 swim, 100 kick, 200 pull     

        400 swim @:15 rest, 2 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest

        300 swim @:15 rest, 4 x 50 – 1 easy/1fast @:15 rest

        200 swim @:15 rest, 4 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest       

        100 swim @:15 rest, 2 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest

        200 warm-down

        2300 yards


C)     Warm-up 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull

        500 swim @:15 rest, 2 x 50 – 1 easy/fast @:15 rest

        400 swim @:15 rest, 4 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest

        300 swim @:15 rest, 6 x 50 – 1 easy/1fast @:15 rest

        200 swim @:15 rest, 8 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest       

        100 swim @:15 rest, 10 x 50 – 1 easy/1 fast @:15 rest

        Warm-down 200 swim choice

        3800 yards


More about the Swims: 


50 miles – Lake Geneva, Switzerland - This 50 mile swim will start at the Piscine de Villeneuve, Switzerland, a swimming pool on the southeast coast of Lake Geneva.  Swimmers head northwest swimming point to point along the northern coast of the lake.  They will pass the cities of Lausanne, Morges, and the Domaine Imperial Golf Club.   The 50 mile swim finishes at another swimming pool, the Bains des Pâquis in Geneva, Switzerland.


100 miles – Lake Vanern, Sweden - This 100 mile swim starts on Jakob Island in the city of Vanersborg in the southern part of the lake Vanern, which is the third largest lake in Europe.  Swimmers will head northeast for about 35 miles.  At this point, swimmers will head east to get through two peninsulas on the way to the upper part of the lake.  Swimmers will head north to Karlstad.  When reaching the peninsula at Takene, the swimmers will head east around the peninsula and north, weaving through the islands.  The 100 mile swim finishes at Alsters beach, east of Karlstad.


150 miles – Coast of Great Britain - This 150 mile swim begins at Saltburn pier, (the last remaining pier in Yorkshire) in the northern part of the North York Moors National Park on the north/eastern coast of England.   Swimmers will head north towards Scotland swimming point to point along the coast.   They will pass Northumberland Coast AONB, (area of natural beauty).  Swimmers will swim into the inlet towards Edinburgh.  The 150 mile swim finishes at Cramond Beach in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.   


200 Miles – Coast of Portugal - This 200 mile swim begins in Porto, Portugal, south of the city and on the south side of the Douro River at Douro Cabedelo Beach.  Swimmers will head south along the coast, swimming point to point towards Lisbon.   Swimmers will go past the inlet to the city of Lisbon, heading towards the peninsula below the city.  The 200 mile swim finishes at the Fonte de Telha Beach, Almada, Portugal. 


250 Miles – Danube River, Germany and Austria - This swim begins just east of the city of Regensburg, Germany (north of Munich) where Autoban 3 crosses the Danube.  The swim will follow the Danube through Germany, in picturesque Bavaria.  Around the 80 mile mark, just past the German city of Passau, swimmers will enter Austria. Swimmers will traverse the remaining 170 miles to Vienna, passing Linz, the third largest city in Austria.  The 250 miles swim finishes at the Reischsbrucke Bridge in downtown Vienna.